'Whitttled Away' is the tale of Ireland's fast disappearing nature and what can be done about it. 


Overfishing, industrial-scale farming and pollution have decimated wildlife habitats and populations. At least 115 species have gone extinct from Ireland since the first arrival of people. In a single lifetime, vast shoals of herring, rivers bursting with salmon, and bogs alive with flocks of curlew and geese have all become folk memories. Coastal and rural communities are struggling to survive; the foundations of our tourism and agricultural sectors are being undermined. The lack of political engagement frequently sees the state in the European Court of Justice for breaches of environmental law.


How did it get so bad? Are we prepared to be passive observers as our precious natural heritage vanishes completely?


'Whittled Away' also reveals the possibilities for the future. There is a way to fill our seas with fish, farm in tune with nature, and create forests that benefit both people and wildlife. We can bring back long lost species like wild boar, cranes and wolves, showing how nature and wildlife can recover hand in hand. Prioritising the natural world will benefit our health, wellbeing and livelihoods.


Insightful, stark but ultimately hopeful, 'Whittled Away' explores our past and the opportunities for our future.

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